All 40 films listed are rated 15.

(in alphabetical order)



SYNOPSIS: Jermaine Wong, spoken word artist and writer/director of christian theatre play “And There Was War” recites a cleverly written poem of a conversation between Adam and his wife Eve and Adam and God. 

Running time: 5 minutes

Directed by Jermaine Wong

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SYNOPSIS: ‘Amber’ focuses on one twisted night where obsessed teenager, Amber Gorman terrorises Charlie Love, heartthrob and member of boy band One Summer and when she reveals their shared history, events take an even darker turn.

Running time: 14 minutes

Directed by Andi Osho

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SYNOPSIS: ‘Arcade Girl’ is a surreal short film about a girl named Darcey who is obsessed with winning and is known to be the best arcade player. Alex, a young man who works at the arcade amusements, falls in love with Darcey and comes up with an ingenious plan of getting her attention – beating her high score.

Running time: 13 minutes

Directed by Tze Hao Wong

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SYNOPSIS: ‘Art of Love’ – written by Lauren Cato & Quason Matthews – follows the relationship of a young couple who express the meanings of love from their own unique perspectives. The film aims to explore the true meaning of an often misunderstood word, ‘Love’.

Running time: 11 minutes

Directed by Quason Matthews

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SYNOPSIS: ‘Back to Natural’ is a groundbreaking documentary film that reveals the shocking truth about hair politics and racial identity in Black communities and beyond. Directed by New York City based Clinical Psychologist Gillian Scott-Ward, the film was inspired by the work she was doing in her clinical practice and her own drive to go natural. “I struggled because I was encouraging young people of color to live authentically despite the consequences yet I wasn’t living fully authentically myself,” she says. Gillian, like many Black women around the world had her hair chemically processed at the age of 8 because “that’s what’s done.” Often Black parents make the choice for their children to straighten their hair to avoid pushback from their community and schools. It is not uncommon for children to be banned from school or otherwise punished for wearing their hair in its natural curly, coily or kinky state or in traditional African braids. In the workplace, it is legal to discriminate against Black people who wear their hair in its natural state or in traditional styles on the basis that it is “unprofessional,” “threatening,” or “unacceptable.” “These are some of the ‘invisible’ injustices that Black people deal with and it needs to be addressed so healing can happen,” the director says. “It’s damaging to internalize messages that there is something inherently wrong with you.”

Running time: 69 minutes

Directed by Gillian Scott-Ward

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SYNOPSIS: Black people’s history is brought to life, quite literally, as Marlene, Trevor, Alvin sit down for dinner.

Running time: 9 minutes

Directed by John Sailsman



SYNOPSIS: The idea that Africa is the cradle of music is a familiar one. But while Western popular music in the 20th Century was shaped by African influence, what people don’t realise is that popular music in Africa was shaped by influences coming in the other.

Running time: 25 minutes

Directed by Colin Perry

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SYNOPSIS: “Bloom” is a new coming of age short film about four teenage girls – Sabrina, Rhianne, Tracey and Ruby. We enter the world of these girls at a point in their lives when they are just beginning to grapple with the greater issues of adulthood. Their world is a mélange of school subjects, dance routines, music and the looming issue of sex. In this film we get to see how they manage themselves internally and together as friends. As their summer comes to an end we realize that the sun may also be setting on a part of their youth that they will never be able to get back.

Running time: 13 minutes

Directed by Jesse Gassongo-Alexander

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SYNOPSIS: Sharing the same dream, two young actors embark on a journey filled with desire, determination and disappointment. Alessandro, a reckless Italian and Celeste, a prudent English cross paths at an Acting Summer Program in London. Soon after they decide to move together to LA. Stepping foot in Hollywood, they have different approaches and priorities; in the end they both have to take life changing decisions.

Running time: 82 minutes

Key cast: Francesco Gabriele, Helen Watkinson, Hollis Doherty, Michael Beardsley, Marco Virgilio, Marah Fairclough, Chip Carey, Tiana Tuttle, Nili Rain Segal

Directed by Francesco Gabriele

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SYNOPSIS: A tale of twists and turns following the reality of domestic violence in todays society. ‘Broken’ looks at the true effects of an abusive relationship.

Running time: 10 minutes

Directed by Daniel Alexander




SYNOPSIS: A tense, psychological thriller set in early 90s London where Drey (Winston Ellis), a minicab-driver-turned-moral-crusader collides with Jinks (Darren Kent), a creature of the night on the tale end of a bad deed. An unsettlingly journey unfolds as they attempt to make sense of their own uncertain destinies.

Running time: 10 minutes

Key cast: Winston Ellis, Darren Kent

Directed by Dan Jones and Chris Michael Fretwell



SYNOPSIS: Upon his return from serving a ten-year sentence in prison, reformed gang leader, S. Lance Ingram, struggles to adapt to a changed Harlem. Unable to use the technological skills he acquired in jail, Lance is forced to accept a position delivering meals for a local food bank. It is here that he befriends Ms. Maddy, 75, a past beauty with a irreverent and hardened shell to whom he delivers dinners. Through her, Lance finds hope, relearning the joys of life and living despite the outwardly bedeviled society in which they find themselves.

Running time: 97 minutes

Key cast: Daniel Beaty, Loretta Devine, Omari Hardwick, Selenis Leyva, Marc John Jefferies, Khadim Diop, Justin Martin, Muhammad Cunningham, Gabrielle Rembert, Gary Perez

Directed by Jamal Joseph

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SYNOPSIS: A 1960’s period piece set in Oakland California centred around a 12 year-old, dark-skinned girl who is torn between her own personal identity ,and seeking the love and affection from her light-skinned grandmother.

Running time: 14 minutes

Directed by Palesa Lebona

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SYNOPSIS: Shot in Tipperary, Ireland, ‘Deirdre’ is a coming of age Irish Romeo and Juliet – based on a feature film concept (DEIRDRE OF THE SORROWS) and stars India Mullen as the tormented daughter of a fanatical mother.

Running time: 14 minutes

Directed by Jo Southwell

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SYNOPSIS: In a bustling metropolis of millions, young Ash is lost. He wants to be the big man but reality hasn’t quite delivered. Then a chance encounter leads him to make a dangerous decision which begins a chain reaction of events.

Running time: 22 minutes

Key cast: Idris Elba, Cleo Sylvestre, Michael Ajao, Jasmine Jobson, Sydney Craven, Georgina Campbell, Ben Tavassoli, Alison Thea-Skot, Anthony Foster, Nina Yndis, Ruth Madeley, Andrei Zayats, Taurean Steele, Sope Dirisu, Mawaan Rizwan

Directed by Kate Herron

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SYNOPSIS: Set in the distinctive world of storefront churches, based on actual events, ‘Free in Deed’ depicts one man’s attempts to perform a miracle. When a single mother brings her young son to church for healing, this lonely Pentecostal minister is forced to confront the seemingly incurable illness of the child and his own demons as well. The more he prays, the more things seem to spiral out of his control.

Running time: 100 minutes

Key cast: David Harewood, Edwina Findley Dickerson. Kathy Smith, Helen Bowman, Rajay Chandler, Alex Coker, Geoff Falk, Jan Falk, Porsha Ferguson, Lindsey Roberts, Rosalyn R. Ross, Preston Shannon, Jon W. Sparks

Directed by Jake Mahaffy

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SYNOPSIS: A grieving plumber seeks out a disgraced quantum physicist to rid himself of a tormenting “Hum”.

Running time: 15 minutes

Directed by Stefano Nurra

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SYNOPSIS: It would have been an ordinary Sunday morning for the retired British couple if three illegal immigrants from Eastern Europe weren’t hiding in their garden shed.

Running time: 20 minutes

Directed by Tim Kent

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SYNOPSIS: Jenée Skylar has it all… the looks, the talent, and as she approaches superstardom, fame is hitting her hard. Her life is quickly becoming everything that she ever wanted and dreamed of…right? This is her dream? Join Jenée and her journey, “In the Spotlight”.

Running time: 19 minutes

Directed by Will Robbins

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SYNOPSIS: Introducing… Dame Jocelyn Barrow who was knighted for her achievements in race relations. She was one of the founders of the Commission for Racial Equality and her work has encompassed broadcast, healthcare and housing. She even persuaded the retailers of Oxford Street to let BAME people work on the shop floor as opposed to the stock-room where they had previously been working.

Running time: 3 minutes

Directed by Rachel Wang and Mark Currie

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SYNOPSIS: A mother struggles with a new normal after her son is shot by an off-duty police officer.

Running time: 27 minutes

Directed by Pearl Gluck

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SYNOPSIS: On a deprived council estate in North London, Leroy, a socially awkward misfit, finally realises his passion for dancing after finding a mixtape in his dead grandfather’s belongings.

Running time: 21 minutes

Key cast: Nathan Bryon, Vauxhall Jermaine, Vera Chok, Faith Edwards, Karl Queensborough, Adam Colborne

Directed by Marley Morrison

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SYNOPSIS: ‘London Locks’ is a short documentary that follows six individuals who are pioneering a change in the way young black men and women feel about their hair and personal image. It explores each person’s reasoning behind why they decided to grow their deadlocks, what it means to each of them individually and how they see the natural hair movement moving forward as a collective.

Running time: 9 minutes

Key cast: Marc Hare, Kieran Pharaoh, Ayishat Akanbi, Curtis Essex, Skinny Macho, James Williams.

Directed by Aaron Christian

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SYNOPSIS: ‘Morning Glory” is a coming of age short film about two best friends, Tanya and Candice, who are about to go their separate ways in order to embark on their careers for better or for worse. Tanya is at a crossroads at her life and has just received the call she has waited months for to determine whether she has been accepted into the army. Tanya feels she has lost her purpose in life and wants to get away from the pressures and expectations of society, her family and her peers and this seems the only viable option for her to escape from it all. However, she faces risking her friendship with her best friend Candice for good.

Running time: 17 minutes

Directed by Robert Bertrand

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SYNOPSIS: Elias is a fallen angel given a second, pathetic chance at life, following his irresponsible death from an accidental drug overdose as a young man. Forced to work as a ‘cupid’ on Earth, he’s forbidden by the higher powers from pursuing love himself – and Mary, the woman he’s always loved. Seeing no other way to escape the pain, he makes the decision to finally end his cruel existence and, ultimately, his heartbreak.

Running time: 15 minutes

Key cast: Joe Absolom, Kerry Bennett, Bill Hutchens, Eddie James, Fraser James, James Kermack, Ceejay Sargent, Alana Wallace

Directed by Mark J Blackman



SYNOPSIS: A 2017 Sundance official selection, ‘New Neighbors’ is a story about a mother and her two sons who move to a new neighborhood, and because of all the killings and assaults on Black lives she is determined to keep her family safe. She takes to the neighborhood with kids in tow. A unique approach to the Black Lives Matter dialogue.

Running time: 9 minutes

Directed by E.G Bailey




SYNOPSIS: 86 year old Walter “Posey” Fodrell shares a memoir of a historically unknown secret pact between Martin Luther King, Malcolm X & John F. Kennedy. “Blood for Blood Knuckles Dirty” the Civil Rights movement will never be viewed the same. A History Never Spoke, A Bond Never Broken.

Running time: 16 minutes

Directed by Lewis T Powell

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SYNOPSIS: As Aden lies alone in the dark, his thoughts carry him through a stream of parallel realities until he finally settles on the one where he can be eternally happy.

Running time: 8 minutes

Directed by Liran Nathan

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SYNOPSIS: A divorced couple who decide to share equal space in their ex-matrimonial home soon realize that the ingenious idea is easier said than done. Bent on flexing their egos and scoring points, the two implore various hilarious tactics that soon inflames emotions and turns an already complicated situation into a roller coaster ride.

Running time: 91 minutes

Key cast: OC Ukeje, Joselyn Dumas, Joke Silva, Chris Attoh, Nikki Samonas, Blossom Chukwujekwu, Adjetey Anang, Lala Akindoju, Victoria Michaels

Directed by Shirley Frimpong Manso

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SYNOPSIS: Frank used to be leader of the right wing, English Segregation Party and after 10 years in prison for a racially motivated attack, he wants a peaceful life. The trouble is you can’t always escape your past no matter how much you want to.

Running time: 17 minutes

Key cast: Lucy-Jane Quinlan, Brian Croucher, Mohammed George, Rob Woods, Robert Walters, Nick Campbell, Kerryann White, David Foster, Duncan Mahon

Directed by Rob Woods

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SYNOPSIS: An exploration of two Brooklyn teenage prodigies, Sebastian Thomas and CJ Walker – determined to outwit fate and role-play as God – build a time machine to save CJ’s brother, Calvin, from being wrongfully killed by the police. Executive produced by Oscar honouree, the infamous Spike Lee.

Running time: 15 minutes

Directed by Stefon Bristol

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SYNOPSIS: The Black Lives Matter Movement is an American television documentary film starring Jesse Williams about the Black Lives Matter movement.The phrase “stay woke” refers to a continuing awareness of issues concerning social justice and racial justice and came to widespread use as a result of Black Lives Matter.

Running time: 39 minutes

Directed by Laurens Grant

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SYNOPSIS: Introducing… a spoken word video set in the present, but exploring recent history from the 1950’s onwards. In his one man show, Victor Richards explores African-Caribbean migration, and themes of hope, identity and change. The storyline of Streets Paved with Gold weaves together an informative picture of the collective experiences of Black British citizens resulting from their new surroundings.

Running time: 5 minutes

Directed by Victor Richards

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SYNOPSIS: Preparation is everything when getting ready for a date.

Running time: 4 minutes

Directed by John Dunn

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SYNOPSIS: A suburban couple seeks adventure, who will save them?

Running time: 7 minutes

Directed by Johann Myers and Mark Oliver



SYNOPSIS: When a disillusioned uni-grad and a jaded army vet discover they have super-human abilities, and begin to use their powers for evil acts, a young rogue detective decides to go on the hunt for a new super-human, who may or may not be sympathetic to his cause.

Running time: 25 minutes

Directed by Sam Bradford, Phil Thomas, Jamie Wanstall and Ryan Ward-Miller

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SYNOPSIS: This film has been made for The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) and is about a teenage girl who is in the process of being diagnosed with ADHD.

Running time: 5 minutes

Directed by Vicki Kisner




SYNOPSIS: When Ella was 12, she had her first fight. And when she was 12, she discovered sex. Now 18, Ella reflects on how her obsession with her brother’s best friend Moses left her with a secret she still carries.

Running time: 11 minutes

Directed by Dionne Edwards



SYNOPSIS: A short action drama exploring the harsh pathology of violence. A defenseless woman is savagely attacked by a group of vicious men, only to reveal her own brutal intent against them.

Running time: 9 minutes

Directed by Shahaub Roudbari


13th (USA)

SYNOPSIS: The title of Ava DuVernay’s extraordinary and galvanizing documentary 13TH refers to the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, which reads “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States.” The progression from that second qualifying clause to the horrors of mass criminalization and the sprawling American prison industry is laid out by DuVernay with bracing lucidity. With a potent mixture of archival footage and testimony from a dazzling array of activists, politicians, historians, and formerly incarcerated women and men, DuVernay creates a work of grand historical synthesis.

Running time: 100 minutes

Directed by: Ava DuVernay

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