Welcome to the British Urban Film Festival Streaming Room.

Watch over 80 official selections from the BUFF archive (available to rent or buy) via UK VOD streamer Bohemia Euphoria. 
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hroughout each day of the 2020 festival, we premiered all the virtual Q&A’s on our website.  
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Changing Faces of BAFTA Panel

Awarded Script Readings

Black Film Matters Q&A

Drama Features 1 Q&A

Life and Death Q&A

Laughter Zone Q&A

Arthouse Q&A

Documentary Q&A

Love Stories 1 Q&A

Love Stories 2 Q&A

Drama Zone Shorts 1 Q&A

Drama Zone Shorts 2 Q&A

Drama Zone Shorts 3 Q&A

Drama Features 2 Q&A

BUFF Awards 2020 virtual ceremony


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