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BUFF2021 DAY 6 Award Winning LIVE SCRIPT READING – Ben Johnson Day, Six Triple Eight and For You, I Found


Ben Johnson Day - written by: Karina Merchant U.K. Triple Six Eight - written by : Mary McCallum USA For you, I Found - written by Kate Watson, Canada

BUFF2021 DAY 6 FEATURE FILM SCREENING upper and lower studios: Unintentionhell


3:45pm -5:25pm UNINTENTIONHELL by Balbeer Bahi 01:18:00 **Each ticket comes with KamoVodka.

BUFF2021 DAY 6 FILM SCREENING STRAND 1B upper and lower studios: Closing Night Premiere – Women in church leadership


9pm - 11:15pm Women in Church Leadership by Jason Young 01:45:46 *Each ticket comes with KamoVodka.

BUFF2021 DAY 6 FILM SCREENING STRAND 2 Upper and lower studios: Woods in the rain (short), Sexual Enlightenment (short) and Ultra Violence (feature)


5:30PM - 6:25pm Ala Kachuu                                   00:38:26 6:30pm- 6:52pm : Woods in The Rain Jim Zou 00:12:00 7pm - 7:15pm :性启蒙 - Sexual Enlightenment 严奇宇 00:15:29 7:30pm - 9:15pm: Ultraviolence by Ken Fero 01:15:00 *Each ticket comes with KamoVodka.

BUFF2021 DAY 6 SHORTS STRAND 1 : Baby boy, Black Molasses, Breach, Butterflies, The kicked dog, The pie shop, Clearing, Digging and Echinacea


Baby Boy by Greg Hall 00:17:00 Black Molasses by Scarlett Fae, Nathan Shadrach 00:15:45 Breach by Mika Simmons 00:07:37 Butterflies by Liza Koifman 00:22:55 The Kicked Dog by Max Hemmings 00:14:26 The Pie Shop by Tyler Pierreson 00:10:00 Clearing by Janet Marrett 00:13:20 Digging by Elliott Barnes Worrel 00:12:06 Echinacea by Daisy-May Hudson 00:05:00 *Each ticket comes with KamoVodka.