BUFF2021 DAY 6 FEATURE FILM SCREENING upper and lower studios: Unintentionhell


3:45pm -5:25pm UNINTENTIONHELL by Balbeer Bahi 01:18:00

**Each ticket comes with KamoVodka.

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Start: December 9, 2021
From: 3:45 pm to 5:25 pm

3:45pm – 5:25pm  UNINTENTIONHELL by Balbeer Bahi 01:18:00
There’s no escape limbo inna London
Confronting his daughter’s young killer, a tormented father is drawn into a maze of shared grief.

Eluding punishment for her murder, Rory is on the verge of escaping London, and the horrors of his youth. Instead, he is hunted down by Manik.

Revenge brings no peace of mind for Manik, just an endless queue of restless souls who also demand justice.

Sheldon, stabbed by the racist thug Gavin, protected by his family and relatives within the police force. And Jenny, who claims Neville did the unthinkable… Except Manik becomes convinced Neville is innocent.

An Urban Chiller Thriller, UNINTENTIONHELL expresses the outrage felt in our communities about knife/gun/racist crimes.

It barely scratches the surface of the never-ending tragedy endured by the shattered families left behind.


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