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Changing Faces of BAFTA Panel

Awarded Script Readings

Black Film Matters Q&A

Drama Features 1 Q&A

Life and Death Q&A

Laughter Zone Q&A

Arthouse Q&A

Documentary Q&A

Love Stories 1 Q&A

Love Stories 2 Q&A

Drama Zone Shorts 1 Q&A

Drama Zone Shorts 2 Q&A

Drama Zone Shorts 3 Q&A

Drama Features 2 Q&A

BUFF Awards 2020 virtual ceremony

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    1. JoClare December 8, 2020

      you're welcome Nnamdi - hope you’re finding the discussion insightful.

    1. JoClare December 8, 2020

      glad you’re enjoying it Sade. It’s important that newbies feel welcome in this industry.

  1. STEPHAN P MITCHELL December 8, 2020

    brilliant topic on diversity and representation but also a good reminder of what BAFta does outside the awards ceremony.

    1. JoClare December 8, 2020

      Thanks Stephan. We at BUFF found it interesting too - understanding what bafta does and doesn’t do. The fact that krish and Marc volunteer at bafta and work full time outside the organisation as producers.

  2. Ghieslaine guardiola December 8, 2020

    Happy that you are talking about this and great of Marc samuelson to join the conversation. I'm sorry to say that immediately saying that bafta people aren't racist is to me being quite avoidant. for how do you even know that? I think not daring to go there is actually what is the big problem. to solve the problem we need to have uncomfortable conversations about possible hidden racism and/or racist thoughts we may be unaware of. it needs to be discussed or else be ready to have these same kind of conversations over & over again. thank you for reading, blessings, stay safe.

    1. JoClare December 8, 2020

      Thanks Ghieslane, you are right and that was the purpose of BUFF inviting the chairs of Bafta to speak. This is the start of those uncomfortable conversations which we believe moves the industry forward. Marc did admit that a few members may be racist. But the organisation want to address this by welcome festivals like buff into the fibre of bafta. Stay safe and well x

      1. Ghieslaine Guardiola December 8, 2020

        Thank you for you reply, I appreciate it. and yes, Marc did say that and that I appreciate. I was referring to how we are all used to so quickly say: "they aren't racist of course - or maybe a few." For I truly think we all have been infected by racist ideas in some way making us look at the world all biased. Anyway, thank you for allowing me to address this and thank you so much for doing this and thank you Bafta for opening up to BUFF to hopefully make changes for the better together. Thank you x

  3. STEPHAN P MITCHELL December 18, 2020

    I absolutely love this script by Charlie , congratulations to all actors for a great live reading. ??????

    1. Charlie Taylor December 18, 2020

      Much love sir! Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. STEPHAN P MITCHELL December 18, 2020

    Made in America ...one word ..powerful! Congrats to all actors for the live reading and Clare hosting the session tonight .

    1. JoClare December 18, 2020

      Made in America - POWERFUL!!! We agree, such a beautiful story read by incredible talent.

  5. Yvonne Jeffrey December 18, 2020

    Thank you for the script reads loved all of them. Fantastic

  6. ORE December 21, 2020

    Thank you for Allowing me to be part of the reading process. It was great working with such fantastic talent. Thank you and well done Charlie. POWERFUL SCRIPT.

    1. JoClare December 23, 2020

      Great to have you Ore and congrats on reading for Charlie’s fantastic award winning script.

    1. JoClare December 23, 2020

      Links are at the top of the streaming room page, and in the home page, programme page and BUFFoD page. ?