There are so many festivals out there. But yet there’s something special about BUFF. Often described as the ‘BUFFNESS’ it is the pre-festival, screening and post-festival opportunities that we lay on for our filmmakers and award winners that maintains our 14 year reputation as the no.1 European Film Festival for Diverse exhibition of Film. 

Here’s our top 10 reasons for you to submit:

  1. Inclusion in the Pre-festival media day and 12 week PR campaign for you to meet the press and film industry professionals to promote your film or script and garner press exposure
  2. Automatic entry in the long-list for a BUFF Award
  3. Eligibility to enter yourself into the BIFA Awards
  4. Discounts for DCP, Blue ray and DVD creation of your film
  5. Script development and full directoral support to produce your script for a live audience including casting and rehearsal spaces
  6. Live broadcast of your script on radio to 100k listeners
  7. Post festival networking to access funding for your film
  8. Industry employment through our partners
  9. International screenings of your films if selected for our festival partner programmes in York, Amsterdam and Germany
  10. Acquisition of your film for TVOD and TV license

Plus more:

  • Sourcing production support for cast and crew for your forthcoming projects (low, no or studio budget)
  • References for Industry Awards, Funding Bodies, Visa Applications and Employment
  • Discounted rates on film branding collateral – EPK, Posters, Website, Social Media
  • Work experience in PR, Presenting, Exhibition, On-set and Programming

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