This month’s BUFF Blog starts with an old West African saying (as the character Matthew would have us believe in the Channel 4 comedy ‘Desmond’s’): “The patient dog sucks the juiciest bone”. To say that the movie ‘Melvin: Chronicles of a Player’ has been a long time in coming is putting it mildly. The same […]

Who would be a film festival director ey? It was always going to be a chaotic period once the deadline for submissions closed on Sunday July 25 at midnight. It was even extended to 5pm the next day. Add to that filming with Lateef Lovejoy for the festival and the debut of ‘Buff on Tour’ […]

Has it really been just over a month since the death of Michael Jackson. Such was the coverage that even the other memorial ceremony that took place on 7/7 (in London’s Hyde Park) was barely mentioned. Speaking of 7/7, it was on that very day that Buff Enterprises was supposed to have been incorporated. Needless […]