BUFF 2021 Sponsors

ˈkamō™ is a premium vodka brand which is built on a simple philosophy: To be the best and a strong belief in you get nothing without struggle and hard work.

Filtered 9 times and distilled 7 times, the unique taste and character of our vodkas is a celebration of research, technique, and ingredients.

ˈkamō™ premium vodka is made with 100% natural ingredients, hand crafted and batch distilled giving you a superior quality vodka.

In September 2021 our vodka’s received the MASTERS medal at the prestigious Global Vodka Masters 2021 held in London. The Global Vodka Masters competition is judged blind by some of the finest palates in the industry, including educators and bartenders.

ˈkamō™ Premium Vodka was created by a small group of guys who were burned out on corporate environments and ready to carve out our own path. Whilst all the other vodka brands in the market portray the fabricated glitz & glamour,  we wanted to represent what we stand for, the hard work, the hustle, the dedication to be the best but still keep it real and give the people a super premium quality vodka. Our vision was put into motion and the dream of ˈkamō™ Premium Vodka was launched.


We care about the communities we lived or live in and the impact we can have on the next generation coming up. That’s why we support and donate a percentage of all our sales revenue back to youth charities and organisations that provide help and support for them.

We strongly believe in young people discovering a world of possibilities and to create the future they deserve. A lot of the time it may feel like, you ain’t going make it where you want to be in life but, if you got a plan, you going to get there.

Filmustage is the first AI-based solution for automatic movie screenplay breakdown. Just sign-up at filmustage.com, upload your .fdx or .pdf file, and get a beautifully formatted and broken down script in a matter of minutes. Export the result into spreadsheets, .pdf or Gorilla and Movie Magic Scheduling. Filmustage is a BUFF 2021 Script Award sponsor, granting all 3 winners with an annual subscription worth $1300 and the entire festival alumni with 50% off the first month’s subscription.

Solution Features:

AI-powered script breakdown.

Breakneck speed – breakdown of a 10 scenes scenario takes about 3 min.

Filmustage supports all popular screenplay formats: Final Draft .FDX, .PDF

More than 17 tag categories are recognized: Cast, Props, Locations, Makeup, + custom categories.

Breakdown customization options: easy to find, add, change or remove any breakdown element.

Navigation interface: sidebar scene tree with all tags and categories, scene filter with selected elements, easy and fast element tagger

Breakdown Summary Export: export results in Movie Magic Scheduling, Gorilla Scheduling, Spreadsheets and PDF files.


BUFF 2020 Sponsors


Best Documentary Film Award


Greenlit is a new British-based crowdfunding platform dedicated to film, which supports creative filmmakers at any stage of their film’s lifecycle. Greenlit will sponsor the BUFF 2020 Best Documentary Short Film Award. Peter is an experienced film financier and the Founder of Greenlit.

Best Short Film Award


Goldfinch will sponsor the BUFF 2020 Best Short Film Award. The Goldfinch brand provides a vertically integrated global business model with expertise across finance, production, facilities and management in Film, Television and Video Games. Our track record includes 200+ projects and investments of $300m+ into the creative industries, with many going on to win awards and critical acclaim. 

Best Script Award


First Flights who will sponsor all 3 BUFF 2020 Best Script Awards. First Flights is driven to discover emerging filmmakers with bold and daring voices. The aim is to nurture talent and their projects with a tailored and hands-on approach which will cover development, production, financing and distribution. The ambition is to have a long-term outlook and to build careers where talent can move to larger scale productions under the Goldfinch banner.


The Victor Adebodun Best Feature Film Award


Woolfcub Productions will sponsor the BUFF 2020 Victor Adebodun Best Feature Film Award. Woolfcub are interested in genre films with a particular focus on action, thriller, and sports drama. They work across fiction, documentary, and commercials and are always open and interested in possible collaborations.







Shooting People is a vibrant community of independent filmmakers, writers, actors and industry. They facilitate creativity in film, helping members connect and collaborate to get their films made and seen. To celebrate BUFF 2020, Shooting People are offering 50% off their annual membership. Join the creative community today- https://bit.ly/BUFFxSP  

BUFF is excited to welcome you to sponsor our 15th annual week long festival and 6th awards ceremony. If you have a corporate responsibility to promote the works of diverse talent and wish to help us give a platform to over 2,000 film creatives this year, please email: sponsorship@bufestival.com for a pack.

BUFF 2019 Festival Partners/Sponsors

MET Film School

MET Film School

"We are delighted to be partnering with the British Urban Film Festival. BUFF's commitment to working with and supporting emerging filmmakers echoes our own ethos of developing and nurturing a new generation of creative screen professionals and entrepreneurs. We are proud to be working alongside an organization that is championing independent urban cinema and which is cutting through the artificial boundaries that exist in society and which so often get in the way of such brilliant cultural endeavours and their intended audiences. Within this context, we are pleased to share our expertise in content creation and film production with BUFF, its supporters and guests" (Jonny Persey, director, Met Film).


Aso Rock Restaurant is a family business, based in Dalston. Established in 1999, Aso-Rock prides itself in producing high quality authentic Nigerian food. With dishes you're guaranteed to love, you can also order now for delivery via Deliveroo. Asorock will be providing a free jollof meal with meat at Met Film School for every ticket sold for the opening night film of BUFF 2019, Lara and the Beat.


Red Stripe are the official drinks sampler for BUFF2019. Where you find passion in Jamaica, you'll find Red Stripe. Discover our passion for Football, Music and Life.


Andrew Pierce, Festival Chair, commented: “Iris has been committed to representing diversity in the LGBT+ community since the very first festival in 2007. This was highlighted with the inaugural Iris Prize award going to Oscar nominated Dee Rees. The global reach of the Iris Prize, with 25 partners in 20 countries, has helped Iris achieve this goal over the past 12 years.” “The UK is hugely diverse and we are committed to making sure that our programme represents the true nature of our LGBT+ population. Therefore, I’m delighted that the British Urban Film Festival (BUFF) is joining the Iris family – this partnership is a reminder that diversity starts at home. BUFF has established itself in London as a global platform and this year they will be celebrating their 14th festival with a programme of 52 films, which will also include a special Iris Programme featuring the work of Iris Prize winner, Dee Rees.”


I AM is a lifestyle and conscious brand for the black diaspora that blends style, pride & identity who will be supplying BUFF AWARDS goodie bags. I AM launched its Kings & Queens apparel collection to celebrate and honour phenomenal heroes in history: Queen Nzinga, Yaa Asantewaa, King Mansa Musa and Tenkamenin. Wearing or carrying an I AM piece will provoke conversation and ultimately create awareness of history that may not have been considered or told, hopefully seeding a desire to seek additional knowledge of other greats. In October 2018, a cultural hub was created. A virtual space for enrichment, where readers can indulge in entertaining and informative content. So far we have published pieces on the Black Tudors (which included an interview with Dr Onyeka Nubia), The History of Black Beauty, celebrated the anniversary of Black Panther, Dahomey Amazons and Colourism.


African Movie Channel is a leading supplier of African movie programming and television operating three 24-hour linear channels, African Movie Channel (AMC), African Movie Channel Series (AMC Series) and Nolly Africa, all offered on various TV platforms across the African continent and beyond. Considered to be the fastest growing TV channel in Africa. Available in over 25 African countries.

UK Film Review

UK Film Review is a film reviews website based in London, UK. We promote films and movie trailers from around the world and support indie films that are using #kickstarter to raise money. From the latest blockbusters, to small indie cinema, UKFR tackles as many films as they can. Review a film from this year's British Urban Film Festival by clicking on our logo and scrolling down the page.
BUFF 2018 Partners


By merging all the pro sites (including Casting Call Pro and Film and TV Pro) with Mandy.com, (the leading film and tv resource across US, Canada and Asia) we are now the largest single platform where top employers can connect with the best creative professionals worldwide, with 2.3million members worldwide. Business Development Officer Abigail Longstaffe said: 'The Mandy Network is really excited to be sponsoring such a valuable and important festival. This is an incredible industry but can also be difficult and initiatives like BUFF that support and nurture talent are crucial to the future of film. I can't wait to see the films on the night and present the Emerging Female award!


TriForce Creative Network was built on a strong ethos of inclusion and access, opening doors to the industry to people from all walks of life and providing a trusted and viable avenue for the industry to discover diverse talent. We provide opportunities for actors, writers, directors, producers and crew through the following initiatives: MonologueSlam UK, WriterSlam, TriForce Short Film Festival, and The TCN Writers Incubator, supported by Creative Skillset and the HETV Levy. The TCN are celebrating 15 years in 2018. TCN is the official sponsor of the BUFF Short Films Award and will for the first time, screen the winning BUFF short at BAFTA in Dec 2018.


The only black-owned national radio station, Colourful Radio 'for the culture since 2002' has been a BUFF media partner since 2016. Broadcasting live and podcast catch up to millions of listeners, Colourful covers the BUFF media day and BUFF awards coverage. 


Film-News.co.uk is a leading independent publisher featuring news, reviews, interviews, competitions, the latest releases and all the gossip from the worldwide film and movie scene. Launched in October 2007 Film-News.co.uk provides breaking news 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Film London is supporting the BUFF Awards Live Script Winners 2018. Providing meeting room and rehearsal space for writers and development meetings with the 3 winners starting July 2018 for 12 months to oversee potential /actual production funding to produce their winning script.


HOTEL FOR ARTISTS IN NORTH LONDON - Wood Green welcomes the UK’s first hotel social enterprise - Green Rooms is a pioneering and unique arts hotel that opened in June 2016. An authentic start-up social enterprise and creative hub, it is already an integral part of the arts and local communities, and stands apart in a world of big chain and formulaic hotels. Green Rooms plays host to our filmmakers this year.


"MyKitPlace is excited to be involved with this year’s British Urban Film Festival. We are keen to be everywhere real filmmakers can be found. Like BUFF, MyKitPlace offers the perfect platform for developing and emerging film talent. Our aim is to build a truly viable alternative to traditional camera hire facilities. Making it easier, faster and cheaper for filmmakers to access the equipment they need for low budget projects."


Fat Lama is the world’s fastest growing peer-to-peer film and photography rental community. Lenders are earning up to £4,000/month by renting out their items fully insured and borrowers can rent industry-standard gear from fellow creatives nearby, for approximately 30% less than the cost of traditional rental houses. "The Fat Lama team are really proud to show our support for BUFF and the awesome work that they have been doing for the past 13 years. We chose to support the emerging talent award both because the calibre of contestants is always so high and this aligns with our mission to nurture younger generations."


Post Factory who will be supporting BUFF filmmakers with special rate DCP. Special festival DCP rates: Films 0-5 mins: £90+VAT Films 5-30 mins: £200+VAT Films 30-60 mins: £275+VAT up to 120 mins - £320+VAT (for anything over 120 mins additional charges may apply) Blu-ray screener rate: £60 + VAT (a blu-ray screener is blu-ray encoded and authored to play without a menu selection screen)

The BUFF Awards 2018 


Our products always and only contain 100% natural ingredients and are lovingly hand-made. Our aim is to help you live a happy, healthy and therefore fulfilled life by providing natural alternative solutions to the chemical problems lurking on your cosmetic table. Sotonye will be providing products for BUFF Awards Nominee goodie bags.


On Monday the 4th of June, the British Film Institute led the tributes, including from black female creatives, actors and peers in saluting director Amma Asante who received this year's honorary BUFF Award from actress Dona Croll.


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