First published Monday 1st June, 2020

BAFTA have been jumping on the bandwagon of black people and black organisations for decades and have consistently shown their disrespect and disregard for the black community. By posting their tasteless tweet about George Floyd – today was not the day to declare their “solidarity with the black community”.
2 years ago, I discovered that BAFTA published an obituary for the late Victor Adebodun on their website – only it wasn’t their obituary – it was mine; the one that I wrote for The Voice newspaper.
Not only did they publish this without prior permission, I wasn’t personally credited, and furthermore they cited Victor in their blurb as the CEO of the British Urban Film Festival (See the evidence for yourself below).
Where was their tact? Where was due process followed? Where was their apology?
Black people do NOT all look the same!
We’re living in an era of shamelessness. I feel no shame in calling out BAFTA today for how they treated me personally and how they continue to treat black British people in the film industry.
BAFTA doesn’t speak for me – never has done in the past, never will do in the future.
Picture credit: NK Abani Photography
From l-r: Victor Adebodun, Emmanuel Anyiam-Osigwe MBE, Femi Oyeniran

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