The gospel truth is that the theme for this BUFF blog was going to be entrepreneurship and the challenges and internal struggle that we all go through day in day out – I can personally vouch for that after the events of the past month. As it turned out, the month started with the final of the Apprentice and the potential end of Gordon Brown. It ends with the death of Setanta Sports and Michael Jackson.

In terms of media stories, each had its merits but when we come to talk about THE story of the year, barring the death of the Queen or Barack Obama, the death of Michael Jackson is probably the biggest news story of the 21st century. On Thursday June the 25th, Jackson was at his LA apartment preparing for his musical comeback, 50 concerts at London’s o2 arena when he suddenly stopped breathing and never regained consciousness. And with that, the end of an era in popular culture. Arguably the world’s greatest entertainer, his influence more powerful even in death then when he was alive. On that same day I had just woken up from a rather long siesta and ended up watching the BBC’s Question Time and rather ironically, its’ presenter David Dimbleby was announcing that Jarvis Cocker would be on next week’s panel. As you maybe aware Jarvis and Jackson have previous if we are to recollect what happened at the Brits. And then came the newsflash…

Spent most of the night getting over the initial shock thanks to Dotun Adebayo MBE on BBC Radio 5 live and then started to brainstorm (as most entrepreneurs do). I had more reasons than most to brainstorm given that in an earlier life, yours truly was part of the ‘Nights to Remember’ film festival, a cross between This Is Your Life without the guest and Big Brother showing you your best bits. In amongst the brainstorming I shared my thoughts with several peers and acquaintances including Quincy Jones jnr (QD3), son of Quincy Jones, synonymous with the success of Michael Jackson in the glory years. So there I was, delaying my grief for Michael Jackson (and still am), and putting my energies into organising a tribute. Watch this space for further updates including whether I’ll actually go ahead with the tribute.

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