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Finesse Event Decor

Finesse Event Decor is a family run business operating out of the West Midlands.

We thrive off of a challenge, one of our core values is to remain agile. Our ethos towards challenges is an opportunity to make a truly unique product. 

We pride ourselves on alleviating that feeling which comes along with arranging events. With our knowledge, experience, and consistency to detail, we approach each project with excitement & enthusiasm. 

Finesse will always provide a simple, yet professional event decor experience.

Whether it’s a bespoke balloon display or set design, we have you covered.

Are you ready to be Finessed?


Changing the Landscape of American Documentary. PBS Exec Erika Dilday will examine the issue of diversity & inclusion and outline why we need to go beyond diversity, what that looks like, and how AmDoc wants to connect with international filmmakers.


Created by UK designers of African heritage, the brand speaks to the fun, positive, resilient and vibrant nature of Africa but with a name and logo that could be easily understood.
The brand mission was motivated by a trip to Africa in 2018 where two of the founding team members saw how people with less opportunity produced incredible results through hard work and talent. We created an empowering luxury hat brand that encapsulated what we saw and had the ability to cross all ages, colours, genders, religion and inspire.
As all team members have a love for fashion, media, music and sports we felt that there wasn’t a brand out there which spoke the idea that we all have a talent within us that is unique to us.

Peckham Plex

Peckhamplex is an independent, commercial, multiplex screening mainstream, independent, foreign language, and art house films at an affordable price which has remained unchanged at £4.99 all day, every day for more than 10 years probably London’s cheapest cinema. Host sponsor for the BUFF 2021 awards

kamō™ Premium Vodka

kamo™ is a premium vodka brand which is built on a simple philosophy: To be the best and a strong belief in you get nothing without struggle and hard work.
Filtered 9 times and distilled 7 times, the unique taste and character of our vodkas is a celebration of research, technique, and ingredients.
“kamo premium vodka is made with 100% natural ingredients, hand crafted and batch distilled giving you a superior quality vodka.

In September 2021 our vodka’s received the MASTERS medal at the prestigious Global Vodka Masters 2021 held in London. The Global Vodka Masters competition is judged blind by some of the finest palates in the industry, including educators and bartenders.

“kamo™ Premium Vodka was created by a small group of guys who were burned out on corporate environments and ready to carve out our own path. Whilst all the other vodka brands in the market portray the fabricated glitz & glamour, wanted to represent what we stand for, the hard work, the hustle, the dedication to be the best but still keep it real and give the people a super premium quality vodka. Our vision was put into motion and the dream of ‘kamo Premium Vodka was launched.

We care about the communities we lived or live in and the impact we can have on the next generation coming up. That’s why we support and donate a percentage of all our sales revenue back to youth charities and organisations that provide help and support for them. We strongly believe in young people discovering a world of possibilities and to create the future they deserve. A lot of the time it may feel like, you ain’t going make it where you want to be in life but, if you got a plan, you going to get there.


Filmustage is the first Al-based solution for automatic movie screenplay breakdown. Just sign-up at filmustage.com, upload your.fdx or .pdf file, and get a beautifully formatted and broken down script in a matter of minutes. Export the result into spreadsheets, pdf or Gorilla and Movie Magic Scheduling. Filmustage is a BUFF 2021 Script Award sponsor, granting all 3 winners with an annual subscription worth $1300 and the entire festival alumni with 50% off the first month’s subscription.

Solution Features: Al-powered script brea kdown. Breakneck speed – breakdown of a 10 scenes scenario takes about 3 min. Filmustage supports all popular screenplay formats: Final Draft FDX, PDF. More than 17 tag categories are recognized: Cast, Props, Locations, Makeup, custom categories. Breakdown customization options: easy to find, add, change or remove any
breakdown element. Navigation interface: sidebar scene tree with all tags and categories, scene filter with selected elements, easy and fast element tagger Breakdown Summary Export: export results in Movie Magic Scheduling, Gorilla Scheduling, Spreadsheets and PDF files.


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